About PioneerStories.org

Before launch, there will be a paragraph or two about what this site is.


Let us publish your INSPIRATIONAL PIONEER STORIES! (This doesn't have to be a Utah Pioneer) - For eighty-five years, since 1933, the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers has been honoring, and helping others remember, our great pioneer forefathers and mothers. We must never forget the great heritage they gave us - a heritage of faith in God - of devotion to family - of loyalty to church and country - of hard work and service to others - of courage in adversity - of personal integrity and unyielding determination! We must never forget! All of us have heard the stories of the famous early pioneers of the West. We have all been inspired by stories of the great early leaders. But there are many of your ancestors and ours whose stories are not known, except to a few. These Little-known Pioneers deserve recognition. Your children and ours need to know more of their own heritage, to be inspired by their lives, by their examples of faith in God, and by the other pioneer virtues they exemplified.

Let us publish your MODERN-DAY PIONEER STORIES! In the lives of great men and women today are found the same Pioneer Virtues that inspired the lives of the early Pioneers. Today’s world calls out for the same faith and purpose, the same sacred values that were required of the early Pioneers. Who do you know that has made a big difference for good in today’s world – whose life stands as a shining example to others of our day.

Remember, it is the character of the person, the pioneer attributes that made them what they were, the contributions that made their life rich and meaningful—these are the things to emphasize in your story.

Every accepted submission will be published on the SUP website and will be preserved in a special collection in the SUP Library. Some will also be published in the Pioneer Magazine.